A Tech-Forward Network

The extended Subdirect network was built to provide a seamless system of execution for loyalty programs. From campaign development to innovative fulfillment and CRM technologies, we provide a full-circle solution to large and small businesses. Our network consists of:


Proprietary fulfillment software that provides highly customizable solutions for small and mid-size campaigns. Learn more »

Consumer Marketing Solutions / Waiting Room Subscription Service

A leader in verified circulation, Consumer Marketing Solutions (CMS) / Waiting Room Subscription Service (WRSS) provides publishers, marketers, retailers, charities and foundations with an extensive array of highly targeted solutions to enhance marketing needs, build relationships and generate incremental income. In February 2018, CMS acquired Waiting Room Subscription Services (WRSS). With 30 years in the public place distribution business, WRSS is regarded as an industry pioneer with longevity and experience in this important circulation service. Learn more »


A consumer touch point clearinghouse and fulfillment center that partners with selling agents, retailers, ecommerce websites and loyalty points companies to build circulation and loyalty. Learn more »


Delivers online subscriber engagement and magazine sales through a robust web marketing experience. With specialized Canadian shipping capabilities, ReadSave helps businesses engage with customers throughout North America. Learn more »